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08-20-2008, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by lotus View Post
You make a case for me to try these....

I'll decide after I buy my new Ice Skates. (The problem was with my inlines). I'm stumped on what Ice skates to buy haha..
I'm kind of curious if you went out and bought a pair of these Maltese Lace Bit Pads? I did and I would like to give you guys a little review on the product.

When I first heard about this product I bacame very interested because in the last 30 years on being on the ice, 5 or 6times a week, everyonce in a while, I would get such bad pain at the top of one or the other of my feet, It would take me out of the game for about a week.

Then someone told me that I had Lace Bit! I had what? Sounded like a disease and was it catching?

Then I heard about this Lace Bit Pad from Maltese Hockey. So, I bought a pair and tried them out. At first I was concern that they wouldn't do the job because I couldn't feel them on my skate. Plus, I was affraid that they would eventually work it's way down to my toes when I skate.

But, they were so comfortable and when you put them in your skates, they have a little velcro pad that locks the pad to the tonge of your skate so it doesn't move.

In fact, when I pull my foot out, it stay attached to the tonge of the skate. So the next time I put my foot in, it at the same place as last time. Very cool!

If you ask me, it was well worth the investment. No more week off, no more elevating the foot, no more drugs for the pain, no more crutches and no more doctor visits.

Was it worth the money? I say go get a pair and try it!

Head coach

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