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08-20-2008, 09:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Daniel Bigras View Post
You bet.

I watched the two shows this week and it's not bad.. It's RIDICULOUS!

What people here seems to not understand, and I'm here to save the day again, is that Pedneault analyzing a live game and Pedneault analyzing a game when he has time to prepare are two different things.

I always cringe 2-3 times in a game with Pedneault's mistakes, but when he was analyzing an aspect of the game during breaks or in between periods, for me he was better than Brunet, Demers and the likes.

He can't be worst than the people I've seen this week on the show. Jean-Charles Lajoie is a frigging joke! He talks very well, he uses every frigging quebecer expressions that every existed, and he uses them well. But this guy talks way too much. All you hear during a show is his voice.

I hate it when I see myself in someone.

Other than that, seeing Bergeron, Perron, Gagnon, Pedneault, Langevin, it will be much better than that other show on Radio-Canada. It already was.
You're saying Yvon makes mistakes because he's in the heat of the action? Have you ever read is freakin editorial? The same one-sided garbage.

Also Jean-Charles is awesome, at least he's original and not negative.

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