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Originally Posted by cynicism View Post
Hiya, as the locals say!

I'm a Canadian who's been living in the UK for a little over a year now and about the only thing I miss about Canuckistan is hockey, I'll stay up late to watch games, etc.

I'm aware that there's an English hockey league. I'm basically looking for any info, the season length, are games affordable, the basics really.

There are three main levels in England, the Elite league which is mostly professional, includes teams in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as England, and has 10 or 11 imports (normally ECHL level from North America or European). The English Premier League is a mix of professional imports/brits with some semi-professional or amateur Brits with a maximum of 4 imports, normally europeans.

The English National League is virtually entirely amateur Brits, although teams are allowed two imports in a match. It is split into north and south areas, and two divisions in both areas.

Prices are around 15 Elite, 10 EPL and 5 ENL for the different levels, although obviously vary from club-to-club and most Elite tickets are cheaper when booked in advance.

The style of play is more North American than European, with fighting a lot more common in GB than Europe, and all leagues run September to March with playoffs in April. They also all have additional cup competitions played alongside the league.

Where in the UK are you is pretty much important as to what to recommend.

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