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08-21-2008, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by cbjgirl View Post
I've made many posts in the other Zherdev threads concerning this issue. But, a better thing for you to do might be to look closely at the Zherdev video someone made. It didn't really hit me until I watched it again. Almost everything in that video is Nik going alone. Very few were Nik getting set-up by someone else.

Whether you judge that to be a complete lack of passing ability on the part of the Jackets (which wouldn't be too far off the mark), or that Zherdev likes to go it alone is your call.

Chemistry will be the issue. There were many times last season that (from my perch at center ice in the upper bowl) I thought Zherdev should have passed it when he shot or shot it when he passed. He and his linemates NEED to be on the same page. It just didn't happen much last season (although last year was better than the year before by a significant margin).

For the Jackets, Nik was one of the few players players that brought the puck up the ice last season. Our transition game was horrible, defensemen pretty much incapable of making outlet passes. Therefore, dump and chase was what we got. Problem being, the opposition knew that Nik would carry it over the blue line, then he would get stood up at the line (double or triple teamed) and puck would be going the other way. He needs to mix things up a bit, not be so predictable.

(So how can a guy be predictable and not at the same time... hmmm.... gotta think about this a bit more. ) Maybe that incongruity has to do with coaching (what linemates expect him to do) versus what Nik did (and opponents expected).
Thanks for the observations.

The bolded paragraph is the lone reason why i think Zherdev might actualy work with Gomez. Gomez is one of the best in the league at transporting the puck over the blue line, and as we saw last year when he was paired with Jagr, he ahd no one to dish it off to because Jagr wasn't there or decided to work across the grain expecting Gomez to do the same. If Gomez can open up the ice and Zherdev can learn to read that we could see alot of drop passes and driving to the net for those two.

When he was paired with Nash, did these two work on something similar?

The fact that youve stated that Z likes to carry the puck leads me to believe that hell work best on a Dawes- Drury line - but you also go into great deal into explaining WHY he did that so much, the system of the Jackets being one major reason.

It will be interesting to see how he transfers his game to the Rangers "new" style - whatever that will be.

But if he shoots the puck instead of passing at times, thats great too because the Rangers were lacking that the past 7 seasons.

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