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06-18-2004, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by BoltsnRags
The Flyers had injuries that might have changed the result of the series. Tampa also had some injuries albeit to a lesser extent but injuries none the less to Cullimore, Sarich, Sydor and Stillman. If Desjardin plays maybe he changes the series but we will never no for sure just like we will never no if the no-goal really did not go in. I personally am glad the Ref's did not make a decision when there were no decisive proof to make the change. Consider that Cullimore was a very big injury for the Bolts because he was the only Dman that had enough size to match up with the size of the Flyers top offensive players. The series was great to watch and I still will put even money on the Bolts in next years series (if there is one).

As for Gags, your argument is very weak and built around emotions not reality. Let me restate the facts, the Bolts are 1 of 15 teams to win a cup since the 40's. Every year the Cup winner experiences breaks or luck that propels them to win a cup but they all would be considered ELITE teams. I believe LUCK is the result of hard work and the harder working team wins because they get to the right space at the right time. That Flyeer team in the late 70's was ELITE but the Flyer teams since then have only been good because they have not won the ultimate prize. Let your pain heal and in a couple of years you will realize that the Bolts are for real and will be in contention for some time. BTW...I do not care that Boston choked, the Bolts had the easier road because they had the second best record in the entire league and deserved to play the lower ranked team. If the Flyers finished first would you still have the same argument.
Your point is noted about the amount of teams that have won a cup, but you must also consider that there have been many teams in history that have not won cups that surely would've beaten this years Tampa squad. The 96 wings team that totaled 122 points in the regular season, the 87 flyers team that took the greatest offensive team of all time to 7 games and many others. The Bolts may or may not be in contention for a while, but I wouldn't call them favorites next season to come out of the east and arguably wouldn't be one of the top 3 favorites to come out of the east. If the flyers had finished first I would have been very thankful that they avoided Toronto in the 2nd round and instead got a borderline playoff team that played a finesse game. Whether you want to admit it or not, that played a HUGE part in the bolts winning the cup.

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