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08-21-2008, 04:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Rangers2319 View Post
ill give you henrik, dubinsky and staal, but dawes, prucha and cally are way overrated and will never turn into a legit 2nd liner 20 minute player, id trade away prucha to make room for shanny

byers is a joke, hollweg was a joke, tyutin is OK, girardi is OK but those 2 players are defenceman this is the 4 lines we are talking here so cant really count defenceman in this..

cherepanov is overrated and talked about like hes the next kovalchuk, hell be the next pavel brendl

even with shannys play he was 3rd on the team with goals, even dubinsky on the first line with jagr couldnt even score 20 goals, none of those 3rd line players scored even close to 20, that includes cally, dawes and the rest of them, and dawes even played the 2nd line.. even gomez couldnt score 20 goals, so jeezzz man

Amazingly short-sighted way of looking at it. You can't mention three core players and then dismiss the value of prospects — especially in the era of a salary cap.

You can kill Hollweg all you want (and I'm not a fan either) but in a salary cap era, he filled a role cheaply. And a former 8th round pick was turned into a fifth round pick.

And while every pick will not pan out, and Lundqvist, Dubinsky and Staal might be the exception, you have to keep trying to add young kids as the more chances you take the greated the chance you find another Lundqvist, Dubinsky or Staal.

But the biggest thing you seem to be missing is a player can be valuable to his team without being a star — or scoring goals. If Ryan Callahan can play a smart, gritty game, foecheck hard, take the body and kill penalties as a 3rd liner, that's damn valuable. Add in that he could pot 12-15 goals, and you've a very important player. And I believe Dawes can be a 20 goals scorer. He scored 14 last year in really his first full season despite only playing 61 games and not getting PP time. Oh yeah, and they can both improve.

The Cherepanov comment I'll leave alone — unless, of course you've seen him play on a number of occasions, in which I would love the hear all you have to say about him.

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