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08-21-2008, 10:40 PM
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London Sillynannies (who expect to lose every game this year. and the next. and the next.)

Starting Lineup
QB - Jack Delhomme
WR - Marques Colston
WR - Marvin Harrison
WR - Roddy White
RB - Willis McGahee
TE - Jeremy Shockey
K - Sebastian Janikowski
DEF - Colts

QB - Kurt Warner
WR - Derrick Mason
WR - Devin Hester
RB - Leon Washington
RB - Justin Fargas
RB - Kevin Faulk

Outlook: Not very good. LT is the only "sure bet" on this team and the Sillynannies need him to stay 100% healthy and dominant to ensure any type of success. The real strength of this team, is depth. Having wildcard players like Washington and Hester when their starters seem to be on the fritz will be key. Special teams matchups could mean some serious upsets along the season.

Also to be noted is the presence of Warner and Faulk. Kurt Warner ALWAYS finds some way to put up numbers, either with his current team or a different team. The man can throw and if Delhomme falls out of graces with GM Joe Papp (which is likely, because he hates Carolina), Warner could see the majority of time at QB. Faulk will have an excellent matchup when the starting RB's are on their bye week, and was picked up for that precise reason. The man can put up some big numbers when the Pats are running away with the show.

What could make or break this team are the combacks of two players, Marvin Harrison and Jeremy Shockey. These two playmakers will be looked upon as scoring threats throughout the season while they both return from injuries and offseason news fodder. Roddy White is solid, if unspectacular, but the QB situation in Atlanta makes it difficult to for him to be anything more than a #3. Willis McGahee can put up the numbers, but his injury line is the story at the moment. He expects to be ready by Week 1. His GM thinks otherwise.

The obvious strengths of this team are Colston, Colts Defense, and Janikowski. While neither of the three are sexy choices, all three have a chance to put up huge numbers one week (and then nothing the next). Marques Colston is an excellent scoring threat, but will attract much more attention this season. Adding Shockey will open up one or the other, however. The Colts defense can provide some solid, consistent punch which will help with keeping basic scoring and not letting a team down. Finally, while Sebjani wasn't ranked very high last season, when you consider the factors of the Oakland Raiders offense (or, those keeping score, the non-factors), Jani will have plenty of opportunities to kick from 50+ yards. And, he excels at it.

Prediction: The outlook isn't sexy. Neither is the GM. He will have to create some sort of sexy vibe with this team through a trade or constant monitoring of the matchups, which he has proven in the past has been his strength. The team is looking for a top 5 finish, but it may be stretching. Damn Autodraft.

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