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Originally Posted by lisagc View Post
I've been lurking on these boards since the playoffs and just joined today, so figured this'd be the best place for my first post!

Name: Lisa

Age: 26

Location: Vaughan, ON (just north of Toronto)

Favorite Team(s): Flyers, Leafs, Team Canada

Most Hated Team(s): Habs & Pens

Favorite Player(s): As a kid, Andreychuk. Today, Knuble/Carter/Upshall <3<3<3
Also, Timonen, Heatley, Nash

Most Hated Player(s): I don't really hate anyone. Though there are tons that annoy the crap out of me. Avery would be at the top of that list.

NHL08 Top Line: I own no game systems. Boo. =(

Team: I played softball when I was younger?
Position: Right field

Flyers fan since: Feb/08.
It is unfortunate, but I was born/forced into(?) Leafs universe . . . they're still in my blood. Flyers have become my #1 though! =)
Welcome to the boards! Always nice to have get more females on here.

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