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06-18-2004, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by fightthepower
I don't agree with the best player available strategy this year.
All due respect, but you couldn't be wronger if your name was Wrongy Wrongenstein. (A Penn and Teller quote).

It's ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, best player available. Anything else is just foolish.

You have that much faith in the Rangers prospects on defense? Why? There isn't one guy in the bunch who was a first round pick, much more or less a top 15 pick. There are only two who've even made it to the AHL level so far (Tjutin and Lampman) and only one who's played well at that level. Pock's interesting, but I'm not interested in betting the next ten years of the Rangers future on 6 garbage games played by an undersized 22-year-old. The rest? They have nice scouting reports. So did Mike Mottau. So did Matt Kinch. So did Pat Aufiero. So did Martin Richter. So did a million other names that have trucked their way through the AHL over the last ten to twenty years, who never even came close to making it as an impact player in the NHL.

As said previously in this thread, and countless others, you do not draft for today in the NHL entry draft. Mr. No-6-Overall isn't likely to play for the Rangers (even assuming there is no lockout) for two to three years. In that time, Tom Poti or Karel Rachunek will likely be traded. Darius Kasparitius will turn 33. Dale Purinton will turn 30. The Rangers will be in crying, desperate, on their knees begging for, decent defensemen by that time (and it's not like they are flush today). Do they have a host of impact defensemen coming up? Really?

What if Fedor Tjutin blows out his knee tomorrow (Cherneski)? Or decides he likes Russia better than the States? Or any of a host of other crap that can happen. And it's not like Kondraitev and Baranka are Dion Phaneuf and Gary Suter you know. They're barely battle tested, and neither one of them would be listed as a 'blue-chipper' by anyone other than a Rangers fan.

Best Player Available.
Best Player Available.
Best Player Available.

This concludes todays rant.

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