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08-22-2008, 06:31 PM
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Wow, at this rate I am going to make another 4 picks before I go to sleep tonight.

Looks like it's already back to Humboldt.

Some thoughts on players selected:

Hergescheimer: Way to pick clean the last of the scorers from the original six. Good regular season pick, but 5 career NHL playoff games is a concern.

O'Connell: What you see is what you get.

Apps: I was wondering when he'd get taken.

Sweeney: Just a smart, solid defenseman, but nothing special.

Fleming: Can't say I'm a big fan.

Amonte: This guy stuck out like a sore thumb. I was wondering when someone was going to take him. Pretty much just like Guerin without the toughness. Same imperfect playoff record, same speed/shot/career numbers/peak. If no one took him this round, I may have taken him and dropped someone down because by the 900th pick he would be just too good a value.

Edwards/Henry: Possibly the two best remaining. I didn't need them as I can afford to wait longer for my backup, but in a perfect world one of them would have fallen to me.

Boucher: I wrangled with this choice for a long time and eventually settled on Ross. The results were jsut better. But Boucher was my second choice. I think these two stood out among all other coaches, along with Kilrea.

Rolston: Rolston really should be selected in the ATD as a 13th forward, given his versatility. I wanted him but kept finding players I wanted even more. He'd have been a Regina Capital later tonight.

Muckler: Decent pick, nothing special.

Stromberg: Ummmm, I don't know who that is. So either kudos to you for picking a player I don't know, or it was a pick wasted on a nobody. I'll have a better idea once I get home to my books.

Still not many players are being taken who were born in the 20's or 30's.

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