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08-24-2008, 12:53 PM
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I'm a mom and a worrier so I could understand her feelings. I'm also a nurse so that makes things worse I think. My boys play hockey and I am a nervous wreck. They aren't at the checking age yet, but I see my little one sneaking some in even though the coach is telling me he's just 'bumping and grinding' out there. Just yesterday he complained about wearing his neck guard yet again. Guess what!? He was tomahawked (if that's what you call it) and the kids stick hit his shoulder and his neck. The hit was so hard it put a deep bruise in his neck under his neck guard. Can you imagine if he didn't have it on?? The one he had on is so old and thin that we are ordering a new one. I'm looking online at them all right now.
If your mom is like me, I'm his #1 cheerleader , but I do worry a lot! You got great advice from all the posters here!

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