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08-24-2008, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
No offense Unk--but referencing your user name makes me think--unk-nown which brings us to this point--Irish Blues has been excellent on all things cap wise but we are only going into the 4th cap year. I would suggest that you both may be projecting increases every year from a relatively short history. As well the state of the economy outside the NHL which until fairly recently looked for some to be upward trajectories for ever and ever has in the past couple years become a much more sobering prospect to many. One could draw lines on graphs proving what the future should be but that is not necessarily how things will be.

I think the Rangers will be hamstrung over the next few years unless they move a big contract or two. It may not be easy in that case getting fair value for the player. Roszival's is a particularly bad contract in terms of length and past accomplishment. Redden and Drury heading towards their mid-30's in age may be also heading in a downward spiral in ability. Drury is unmoveable though. Gomez's contract is probably close to fair and moving him probably wouldn't be that difficult. Bringing in Sundin short term for the same amount of money as Gomez--or even less--would free that money up and give us more size and a better albeit older player + whatever Scott would bring in terms of players, prospects which should be something pretty good.

As for Zherdev I would worry as well. If we don't have enough money he might head on back to Russia. One gets the sense that if it takes him 3 years to ask in on a teammates poker game that he might not feel all that comfortable in his new cultural setting. Of course that was Columbus and New York should be at least somewhat different.
Fair enough, no offense taken. Taking past trends to predict the future doesn't always work. It did seem though that the state of the economy started to falter this past season but revenue went up, but we'll just to see about 08-09.

Anyway, I'm all for playing w/ the idea of trading Gomez and signing Sundin, but I don't know how wise that is. Sure the team will clear up cap space in the near future, but unless there's some cheap and ready to take Sundin's place when he's gone, we might be looking for another 1st line center FA unless someone like Dubinsky or Anisimov looks like he can fill that role. That's why I'd only really like trading Gomez for a prospect for 1st line upside if possible to hedge our bets so this ways Slats isn't signing a $8-9m guy to replace the $7m Gomez.

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