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08-24-2008, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Just so Fido won't be jealous, PM me if your in town, I'll do the same if ever I'm in Michigan

And don't be lying to me, or I'll sing Interstate love song on your front lawn just to piss you off. I'm just kiddin, I just though the song would be very much fitting for such circumstances.
It would only piss me off if you sing like I do. Not pretty. Although I did sing at the top of my lungs yesterday in the middle of Macy's to get a coupon. I think he was hitting on me...

Damn I always lose with that one. But you'll like it so much , I guarantee you'll be asking for more... and anyway we'll find a middle ground and I'll be able to watch Habs games too.

Let's not forget the little detail about them not playing in the same timezones
Two t.v.s? They may not play in the same timezones, but I guarantee that they will collide once in awhile.

So you're pretty good with a stick, I presume?
Depends on the kind of stick we are talking about. I haven't played hockey in *counts* four years. I'm too busy to play hockey anymore....

I'll keep that in mind for when you'll blackmail me with sex when the Habs and Wings will be playing at the same time
Yeah, Mom will love that one... Don't piss my Mama off. She played hockey too. And she could probably whoop your ass. And my Dad is a big guy.... He would be intimidating to me if I wasn't almost exactly like him. He yells, I yell back.... It works.

ETA: I watched the Tootsee Roll video, lol, they were wearing Habs jerseys. I never noticed that before...

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