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08-24-2008, 06:36 PM
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Originally Posted by ESunlin View Post
It would only piss me off if you sing like I do. Not pretty. Although I did sing at the top of my lungs yesterday in the middle of Macy's to get a coupon. I think he was hitting on me...
I sing horribly, we would make quite a duet. My tone is way too low. My best imitations are Louis Armstrong, Eric Cartman, that dude playing another dude disguised as another dude and Barry White... so it gives you an idea. And I'm not black in case you're wonderin, not that there's anything wrong with that, I mean, being black. Although I do have many things in common with 'stereotypes' about black guys, if you catch my drift

Two t.v.s? They may not play in the same timezones, but I guarantee that they will collide once in awhile.
Ever heard of picture-in-picture pretty lady? All that would be left to figure is which one will take centerstage, but due to my libido, I'll take a big guess and say the Wings.

Depends on the kind of stick we are talking about. I haven't played hockey in *counts* four years. I'm too busy to play hockey anymore....
You should know me well enough by now to know I wasn't talking about hockey. But nice deke anyway. With that busy schedule, I hope you do have time for my #1 favorite sport?

Yeah, Mom will love that one... Don't piss my Mama off. She played hockey too. And she could probably whoop your ass. And my Dad is a big guy.... He would be intimidating to me if I wasn't almost exactly like him. He yells, I yell back.... It works.
Your Mom will love me, step moms always do love me. Remember my crazy possesive Ex I talked about the other day? Well, her mom was peeved at her when I ditched her. She always called me "my future bridegroom" (in French). I didn't want to break her dreams and never mentioned I would never get married, especially to such a crazy hoe.

Your Dad on the other hand...

ETA: I watched the Tootsee Roll video, lol, they were wearing Habs jerseys. I never noticed that before...
The irony!!

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