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Originally Posted by Daniel Bigras View Post
Damn, just learned about the multi quoting system. Cool. No need to be nasty, teaching new users is a sin here? And if we need moderators, it's to enforce the forum rules of conduct that users like this Maxpac are disobeying.

From what I recall, he's better on the left. He played on the right because we were missing guys on that side. I recall he always had trouble on the right. I strongly believe he got better when he regularly played left.

But still, he's far from doing the job compared to other good defensemen last season.

But whatever, the point is not Gorges or Bouillon, the point is the defensive stats that Montreal was really bad at. What has been done? From what I can see, absolutely nothing.

Huh.. Numbers, numbers. Many people put numbers to lines and players when the coach said he doesn't.

Well, yer right, there are no such thing as #1, #2, #3, #4 spots/lines in a team. Only pairings, only responsibilities and that will eventually end up in Total On Ice stats as you said. Normally, the 2nd pair is for our 3rd and 4th best, but Ryan isn't just yet.

I agree that O'Byrne will play less than Gorges because Josh could possibily have more responsibilities than Ryan, Ryan is still the 2nd best defenseman on the right side. Normally he should be with the 3rd pairing, not the 2nd.

But please guys, less focus on the actual players, the main thing is to see what could improve the poor defensive stats that Montreal had. I really don't think Gainey did enough to improve the team in that respect.

Did that ever work? I mean, did a user really left a forum after someone wrote that in a thread?

He was used on the right because he is more effective on that side. When he plays on the left there is a noticeable drop off, at least there was last year. The difference was the subject of a lot of discussion last year, it wasn't one or 2 individuals noticing it.

Montreal wanted to stabilize their defense last year. Hamrlik went a long way towards getting the style of D played that the team wants. Gainey made the comment that the d corps is now [his words] a sustainable group.

In becoming a more up tempo offensive team, Mtl gave up more chances than in the past when a lack of talent made them very conservative. Good offense starts with defense, moving the puck, as much as they're maligned, they're the back bone of the attack

otoh, team defense involves forwards taking away options and Mtl's group aren't very good at that. They should be, just like they should be better on the pk, and I belive they will be as the young players up front learn and develop.

I don't see them adding a stay at home 35 year old if it slows the development of some young players like O'bryne. Schneider,imo may be different as he brings something specific. I suspect the staff doesn't see it that way though.

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