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08-25-2008, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
Well, I'm pretty sure you mean a neck guard, not a brace. Maltese Hockey makes one of the finest neck guards you can buy for your money. It's custom fitted to your neck. As for the other guys that posted on this thread that says it's kind of a waste, I would not agree with that.

In fact, having it can save your live. Do you know that you can bleed out in under 45 seconds. How long does it take for a first aid unit to get to your rink? Not having one is like playing Russian Roulette with the odds. Yes, it hasen't happend to you and several others. But what about the NHL guy last year who almost didn't make it.

I bet if you ask him today, he would tell you that he wished he had it on that day.

Look, hockey is not a game for weak hearted. That's why it's the fastest sport this side of NASCAR racing. Get the neck guard and go have fun. Stop abscessing whether you are going to be paralyzed or not.

You can get hit by a car walking across your street. Just go play hockey and have fun. Don't forget the neck guard!

Head coach
Once again, great advice from Headcoach!

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