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08-25-2008, 03:02 PM
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I can't argue with people who say Redden is going to be a bust. With that length and term on his contract, and considering his play and age, of course its easy to say he'll be the biggest bust.

Fine, whatever - he has a lot to prove and the fans are crossing their fingers that what he needs is exactly what hes gotten - a change of scenery.

Can't dispute that.

But Naslund at #2 i have a big problem with.

Naslund, whose career has been in decline since the end of the lockout, posted just 55 points last season, his lowest total in a decade. His shot, long the bread and butter of his game, has lost its zip, and he's no longer capable of creating his own space. Brandon Dubinsky might help, but he's no Todd Bertuzzi, Naslund's running mate in his prime. Even over a short term, you need to be able to make things happen on your own to justify that kind of cash.
First off, it can't be that big of a "bust" if its a decent deal. "that kind of cash" ?? Hes only signed for 2 years at 4.0 each. Thats not a crazy contract and even if he doesnt perform this season you only have him under contract for one more year and he could be bought out if necessary.

But i seriously doubt that is going to happen. Secondly, Muir not only disses Naslund but Dubinsky as well. Dubinsky had the same amount of points last year as Bertuzzi did. Same amount of goals and assists, and in his rookie year. Whatever. Who knows if dubi will be as good as Bertuzzi in his prime, but hes a rookie for christssake.

And lastly, Naslund will have a center hes going to connect with. Mark my words. It might be Gomez, Drury or Dubinsky. 3 distinctly different centers, and I really feel hell be fine with one of them. He is going to be ready, hes already stated that hes going to prepare for this season like he has for no other - hes got a fresh start.

And it's worth noting that neither player generated much in the way of mourning upon leaving his previous employer.
Oh, and thats not true because a ton of Nucks fans were upset about Naz leaving, and most of them wished him luck in New York - hoping he would turn it around.

This is locker room material if you ask me.

Post it up.

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