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08-25-2008, 06:01 PM
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Originally Posted by JF Omalycat View Post
How many people said the same thing about Thornton?
Dear lord how I hate that argument. There were reasons why Boston traded Thornton at the time. Here, I'll repost what I said in a different trade thread were someone was trying to get Bergeron and used the Thornton trade as some sort of reason why it might happen:

"1) Thornton was seen as something of an underachiever (rightly or wrongly) who despite putting up good numbers, lacked leadership abilities a team would want in their best player. Bergeron is seen (rightly or wrongly) as almost the polar opposite, a player who puts up ok, but not great numbers, but who's presence in so many ways adds up to more.

2) There was a worry about Thornton wanting to resign with Boston when his current deal was over. I've never heard the same concerns with Bergeron.

3) The Thornton deal was made under a prior GM. The current GM has shown no track record of dealing core players away.

4) At the time the Bruins team was failing and underperforming and it was felt by the team that a shake up was needed. Currently the team is coming off a year when it overachieved and has a number of really young players already contributing, and a few more ready to make the team. A shake up is not needed.

So if your larger point is, "Hey Thornton and Gretzky got traded anyone can be." Yeah we know, but the REASONS and TIMES when those guys were traded are totally different from the Bruins RIGHT NOW with Bergeron."

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