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06-19-2004, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by dedalus
Need for what? The team's drive for the Stanley Cup next season? Why would anyone be interested in a modest upgrading of the goaltending. This team's goaltending is in the future. It's Blackburn, Lundquist, or who knows, maybe Montoya.

Swapping Dunham for Weekes gains this team nothing except potentially a few points in the standings; but why would we be so anxious to gain a few points in the standings? This team is challenging for nothing next year. They're infinitely closer to Crosby than they are to a Cup, so what is the rush to tinker with next year's team to make it better but still not good enough? And why would you trade a futures commodity in the form of a pick in order to MAKE that team better-but-still-not-good-enough?

I am looking at it from being a long time season ticket holder. Weeks will help them win games today and he is still young and could be a chip to trade along with Blackburn, Lundquist, or who knows, maybe Montoya, to bring in some young forward & "D" talent in the future.

You can never have enough good goaltenders. Weeks has proven he can make the saves at an NHL level all the others have promise BUT the jusy is still out on each one whether they can play in the NHL. The closest is Blackburn (after his injury)and who knows if he will ever be a #1 goaltender.

I want a young team that has a chance to win and it all starts with the goaltender! Paying $6,000 a year to see the team, I want the best "young" team on the ice each night! I don't want to go to games where they have no chance of winning!

Blackburn, Lundquist, or who knows, maybe Montoya are years away from the NHL. Weeks will be your starter for years to come! He can be had without giving up much (2nd round pick plus a prospect).
This is a trade Sather should be looking to make on draft day!

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