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08-25-2008, 10:35 PM
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Originally Posted by J. Greenstein View Post
And why don't you tell us why Biron is as good or better than Toskala? Just because Flyers fans think so? That's all the "tangible" evidence you got? And I decided to post a poll to see how the majority felt, surprising results=).
OK ****tard...go find where I said Biron is better than Toskala.

The point I'm making, and the point that retards such as yourself seem to be missing, is that there is no substantial evidence that one is better than the other. Yet you and your minions keep spewing that stuff out of your mouths like it's F'ing gospel.

And please, don't be a child. If your proof that Toksala is better than Biron is some silly HF Boards poll, then there really isn't any need to go any further is there?

But, since I love messing with the fans from the "mecca of the hockey universe", I will give it a go.

Goalie "A" Career Stats: 2.49 GAA and .910 SV%
Goalie "B" Career Stats: 2.56 GAA and .911 SV%

See any big difference there? One is Toskala and one is Biron. Like I said, no tangible evidence that one is better than the other. Of course, one helped lead a team to a conference finals appearance, and one did not. Any clue which is which?

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