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08-25-2008, 11:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Tripod View Post
No...Toskala is not great.
And I for one hope Homer goes and gets us a great goalie somehow as opposed to an adequate one which we seem to always have...Always good/adequate but never great.
Seems like the same thing Vancouver, until Luongo recently, always did. Hextall was very good, but you haven't had that great, great, goalie to push you guys over since Parent and (tragically) Lindbergh. Not that Toskala would be that great, great, goalie either.

I remember when the Biron to Philly news broke, kinda shook my head and said, "They're still doing it.."

Yes, I know, I'm a Leaf fan, I realize that, not defending my teams management, or putting the track record up against anyones else's, just saying, for the Philly fans I wish Clarke had grabbed an elite guy for a season or two.. they were so close for so long.

Originally Posted by ShadowFlyer View Post
And please, don't be a child. If your proof that Toksala is better than Biron is some silly HF Boards poll, then there really isn't any need to go any further is there?
Personally, I respect the opinion of my peers on this board. And frankly, if a Leaf player is winning a poll on HF over anyone, with many fans of various teams weighing in, it's a pretty good indicator.

Not sure what "proof" I'm supposed to be able to provide really. Some kind of youtube montage, or Jeebus's 2008 NHL goalie rankings from The Hockey News, I really don't know. It's really not that big a deal, Biron is an average NHL goalie, Toskala is slightly better.. I'd have said that 3 years ago pre-"being a Leaf", and I say it now. If Buffalo wasn't in such financial trouble pre-lockout, he'd never have had a sniff at being a starter for so long. Miller beating him out as the starter ranked among the sun rising in the east as surprises.

As for the original trade proposal, I wouldn't do it as the Flyers GM. Carter and Parent is too steep.

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