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08-26-2008, 04:59 AM
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Originally Posted by trapper View Post
The truth of the matter is Kabs is worth Carter plus but some flyer fans are over rating Carter. Now lets get this straight Carter who is a third line center on your team is worth a top 10 d-man with a great contract.
That is a horrible way to place value on to a player. It doesn't matter where the player is on the roster when he is as young as Carter, it matters on what he's doing with the minutes played. As it is, Carter has shown extended glimpses of the potential that led to him being drafted so high. He not only succeeded on all areas of the ice (the defensive side being an unexpected development), but he produced very good numbers in a role that saw less ice time than others. Not only that, but when injuries forced a player to step up, he not only held his own, he played terrifically with the increased ice time and pressure of a larger role. When Richards and Lupul went down, Carter was pretty much the Flyer's most dangerous offensive threat. There is a reason that people have put such a high value on Carter, he has (so far) lived up to much of it.

And while I agree with you that Carter is not value enough alone to pick up Kaberle, I don't think that was the argument. I think that people wanted to discuss trade possibilities with these two as the centerpieces, not just them alone. While I think Kaberle is a very good defenseman, it is his value, not simply his ability, that makes him so sought after.

I think this post is a very "Holier than thou" snide response more so than anything meant to bring something into the discussion. And it seems as if Kaktus made it very clear that, value wise, Toronto would want Carter plus for Kaberle.

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