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Been gone for a while guys, had a bad case of vertigo the past week and 1/2 thanks to a few bad hits to the head in kickboxing....Gonna take me a while to catch up with posts here, but I want to respond to everything I can.

Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Just to bring the statistics on McNabb into light...after removing Peyton and Brady, here is a look at QBs performance over the last two seasons.

80 as the average QB rating, here are a look at the next 10 QBs and their starts:

Median Passer Rating:

Article (ESPN Insider):

What's interesting about this is that Romo fairs so well, and he's also a QB that receives his fair share of criticism. Additionally, McNabb is the 2nd least likely to lay an egg start (consistency is very important in the QB position), and his median QB rating is only behind Romo (elite receiver) and Palmer (has one of the best corps in the league).

Is McNabb perfect? No. However, a replacement for McNabb is almost certain to be less effective. I will note that I'm not a huge believer in McNabb at this point purely because of his injury troubles...and unless he's gotten his step back, he's not nearly the dangerous QB he once was.
Ok, so according to these statistics Romo is the best QB in the league, right??? How many QBs would you take over Romo? I can think of at least 4-5 right away and probably more if I think about it and I actually like the guy.

You can take this two ways,

1) Stats are meaningless on both sides, your position or mine. I will even ignore stats and still argue why I dont think McNabb is a great quarterback and simply a good, sometimes very good, but wildy inconsistent QB. Ignoring stats lets look at his mental state and everything that he has complained about in the media, how he has handled situations that called for a leader to step up, how he handled the TO situations which he himself saying he wish he handled differently....Regardless of physical ability, the guy does not have the consistency, swagger, leadership ability and mental state to be a championship QB as the leader and focal point of the team. Now if you want to argue that he can win a championship if the eagles come up with a dominant running game and make that the focal point, I wont argue. Trent Dilfer did it as well...anyone want him as their QB?

Look at Elway, never put up the best numbers as far as accuracy, rating, etc. However, he had the intangibles needed to WIN. How many comebacks did the guy have?? Now I dont like him as much as some others, I think he was merely a supporting cast player by the time he won those SBs, but the intangibles is what McNabb is clearly missing.

2) Great stats doesnt necessarily mean a great QB

Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
The whole thing with McNabb started with the draft and has been ridiculous ever since. I'm not always right, but I'm happy to say that I was definitely against drafting Ricky Williams even though I was 11 at the time, but some of those morons had to boo Donovan, really started everything off on the wrong foot.
Sorry Flyhigh, love ya and all but this is complete ********....the whole thing at the draft was Angelo Cataldi and WIP starting trouble and sending people up there that wanted Ricky Williams and they booed when it wasnt him picked. It was like 30 people out of how many Eagles fans???? Not representative of the fanbase at all, and it wasnt like they were booing McNabb, they were booing the pick not being Williams.....hence another reason I am not a big fan of the guy, he still crys about this 8 years later. GET OVER IT!

Originally Posted by Jester View Post
I think it's likely he's reached the point in his career where if Kolb is ready they should give serious thought to him, simply because football players definitely turn the corner with accumulated injuries and susceptibility. However, as a 'Skins fan living in Philly, it's been depressing to watch the antagonism towards McNabb and knowing that the same stuff is going on with the teams I do follow (Flyers/Phils).

If one wants to see a horror show at the QB position...look no further than what has been going on in DC. Hell, even when they have a competent and effective QB (Brad Johnson, for example) they do things like can him for a shiny new toy (Jeff George -- I protested that season and rooted for the Eagles I was so disgusted).
As much as I am not a big fan of McNabb, I agree he deserves this year. Those types of knee injuries usually take a year to recover from. However, if Kolb is ready next year I go with him. How many chances does one get??

Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
Jaws was a great QB, but I'd take McNabb over him every day of the week. First of all, McNabb's career rating is 15 points higher. Secondly, McNabb is the 2nd least intercepted QB per pass attempt in NFL history which has to count for something, and finally, Jaws was a .500 QB during his time here while McNabb is 80-44 so far.
Do we want to debate some of the teams Jaws played on vs. McNabb, and the competition? Rating is a decent stat but doesnt tell the whole story. As far as the touchdown/interception ratio, one of the greatest QBs of all time has probably one of the worst...Favre. He still has a ring and got to another superbowl with a team that in my opinion was not nearly as talented as the TO team that went to the SB.

He doesn't deserve the crap he gets, the injuries are definitely a worry, but he shouldn't be hated for it. As for the SB, it's amazing how much McNabb gets blamed when Reid in the O-line should be blamed a lot more.
Which brings another one of my points about McNabb. What QB in the NFL has better tools to compensate for when your O-line is not playing so hot???? The guy's pure stubborness and unwillingness to use these tools due to some racial sterotype is another big problem he has.

I remember remarking to friends at the time that it would be a miracle if Donovan made it through the game because our O-line was getting absolutely dominated by NE's defensive front and the coaching staff just flat-out refused to run the ball. Donovan dropped back nearly 60 times in that game, that's an exact recipe for getting massacred by NE's front 7 and that was exactly what happened, McNabb took way too much punishment.
Its obviously been years since I saw the game, I will take your word for it that the Oline played that bad, however, I point to my statement above and also to the fact that you can hardly blame 3 interceptions on the Oline, especially with a QB that is supposed to be so great at protecting the ball, although for some reason in the SB and the 3 NFC championships the previous 3 years he was very average in protecting the ball.

Oh, and great QBs would have won that game in the end. NE did not play its best football that day and McNabb had plenty of time to come back and win that game, he was too busy puking...very composed leader there.

I place the most blame for that SB on Andy Reid who had 2 weeks to prepare for that game and was comprehensively outcoached. Of course, I've been screaming at this team to run the ball for the last 5 years and I'll probably do it again this year.
I certainly will never argue that Reid gets outcoached cause it happens more often than not, and almost everyone certainly is outcoached by NE (not sure what happened this pas SB though, seemed like BB took a vacation)

As much as I would love to see them run the ball as well, they played a couple NFC championships where they were more of a running team. Remember the 3 running back attack? That didnt work either. No, Westbrook wasnt as good back then, but I dont think that is the cure all for everything. NE has always been a pretty pass heavy offense, with worse receivers than us up until last year. Hasnt hurt them.

Originally Posted by Tiger73549 View Post
I won't sulk much, he will be overthrowing those new wideouts like he overthrows our current ones! lol.

In all seriousness, I don't want to see McNabb playing for another team while we have Kevin Kolb behind Center. I'm not sold on Kolb AT ALL.
I certainly wont sulk either....other than the year with Trash and Pinkston as 1 and 2, I have been fine with the receivers. People need to realize that our #1 receiver is Westbrook. People conveniently forget that when they complain about who McNabb has to throw to.

I would be fine with trading a first round pick for Boldin

Originally Posted by CantSeeColors View Post
It's not like they'll be any worse than Charles Johnson and Torrence Small.
Two guys who were 1000 yard receivers multiple times before coming here...

Originally Posted by DeadPhish5858 View Post
Wow, not bad. Looks like McNabb played a good game.
He did look good (see I am not always negative) but like others said, it is preseason and NE doesnt give a crap

Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
Jackson looked really good, could be a very nice weapon for us down the line.
I am liking this guy...he looks like he has those atheletic instincts that cant be taught, similar to Westbrook.

Originally Posted by ForsbergIsOdin View Post
For me it will ALWAYS be Flyers first. I do love the Eagles, but Flyers are where my heart lies.
Originally Posted by dbr2 View Post
couldn't of said it better man.

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