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Originally Posted by mikedifr View Post
Ok, so according to these statistics Romo is the best QB in the league, right??? How many QBs would you take over Romo? I can think of at least 4-5 right away and probably more if I think about it and I actually like the guy.
I wouldn't take that many QBs over Romo as of right now. He's been a VERY good QB the last couple of years, and those stats show it. Romo suffers from the "he's a nobody" syndrome more than any other QB in the league. Take out Manning and Brady, and it's a pretty short list you'd want to replace Romo with...same as it is with McNabb.

It isn't always greener...and those stats show that. You should note what I'm refuting isn't that McNabb, Romo, or anyone else have holes in their respective games...just that EVERYONE does, and those two, for example, aren't nearly the bad option you're making them out to be.

You can take this two ways,

1) Stats are meaningless on both sides, your position or mine. I will even ignore stats and still argue why I dont think McNabb is a great quarterback and simply a good, sometimes very good, but wildy inconsistent QB. Ignoring stats lets look at his mental state and everything that he has complained about in the media, how he has handled situations that called for a leader to step up, how he handled the TO situations which he himself saying he wish he handled differently....Regardless of physical ability, the guy does not have the consistency, swagger, leadership ability and mental state to be a championship QB as the leader and focal point of the team. Now if you want to argue that he can win a championship if the eagles come up with a dominant running game and make that the focal point, I wont argue. Trent Dilfer did it as well...anyone want him as their QB?
Those stats directly refute your belief that McNabb is wildly inconsistent against the body of work of other QBs in the league. ALL QBs are inconsistent...ALL of 'em. Some less than others, however, and McNabb is notably less inconsistent than the majority of the league.

You may not like his personality, but even you must admit that you're not in that room (always difficult to comment from the outside), and you're on extremely tenuous ground when you start using things like "intangibles" to make arguments...intangibles are notably easy and difficult to discuss for a couple reasons: 1) you can define them however the hell you want to define 'em; 2) they appear and disappear like smoke.

For example, the mythology surrounding Derek Jeter is an easy example to use in discussing the stupidity of "intangibles" as an argument piece. The guy is known as Mr. Clutch and this great playoff performer. The last 8 years or whatever, the guy hasn't been good at all in the playoffs. He's a bad defensive player who hasn't gotten it done, but because he did it 10 years ago he's still got this mythos around 'em.

If you're going to hang your criticism on intangibles, you better be ready to swallow your pride when they guy does come up big.

Look at Elway, never put up the best numbers as far as accuracy, rating, etc. However, he had the intangibles needed to WIN. How many comebacks did the guy have?? Now I dont like him as much as some others, I think he was merely a supporting cast player by the time he won those SBs, but the intangibles is what McNabb is clearly missing.
See, right here you've fallen into a trap as far as your criticism of McNabb and dismissal of those that the Eagles have, or have not surrounded him with. In the sport of football, everyone is a supporting cast player. It's too much of a team sport. If you have a horrible offensive line, your passing game is going to suffer no matter how good your QB and receivers are...same goes for your running game.

It's by far and away the most team oriented sport out there...everyone is simply a supporting cast member.

2) Great stats doesnt necessarily mean a great QB
Certainly don't, but when taken against the body of work of other QBs it paints a picture worth considering in looking at the relative merits of one against his competition at his position. It's easy to tear any QB down, but if you want to make your analysis worthwhile one has to look at the rest of the people doing that job...McNabb fares pretty well there.

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