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Originally Posted by MSG the place to be View Post

New York Rangers high-priced players
Gomez - 7.357 for 6 more years
Drury - 7.050 for 4 more years
Redden - 6.5 for 6 more years
*Lundqvist - 6.875 for 6 more years (doesn't receive criticism for contract from me or anyone else for the most part)

Players in NHL who make equal to or more than above 3 guys
Anaheim : Neidermayer - 6.75 for 1 year
Boston : Chara - 7.5 for 3 more years
Buffalo : Vanek - 7.143 for 6 years
Calgary : Iginla - 7.0 for 5 more years / Phaneuf 6.5 for 6 more years
Chicago : Campbell - 7.1 for 8 more years / Khabibulin 6.75 for 1 more year
Dallas : Richards - 7.8 for 3 more years
Detroit : Lidstrom - 7.45 for 2 more years / Hossa - 7.45 for 1 year / Datsyuk - 6.7 for 6 more years
Ottawa : Heatley - 7.5 for 6 more years / Spezza - 7.0 for 7 more years
Philly : Briere - 6.5 for 7 more years (Richards, Carter, Gagne, Timmonen all have 5 MM+ and are long-term)
Pheonix : Jovanovski : 6.5 for 3 more years
Pittsburgh : Crosby - 8.7 for 5 more years / Malkin - 8.7 for 6 more years
San Jose : Thornton - 7.2 for 3 more years / Boyle - 6.67 for 6 more years
Tampa : Lecavalier - 6.875 this year, 7.73 for next 11 years

1. Only 20 players on the 29 other NHL teams make 6.5 million or more
2. Only 6 teams have 2 such players, 2 of which have players whose contracts expire after this year (CHI - Bulin , DET - Hossa)
3. Including Lecavalier whose extension doesnt kick in until next year, Gomez is the 9th highest paid player per season in the league

What I conclude from these numbers
1. The Rangers, with 4 of the top 24 paid players in the league, all with long term deals, are the most cash-strapped team in the league by far.
2. There are a few terrible contracts around the league, namely Richards, Boyle, Briere, Vanek, Campbell, but besides those the next 3 are Gomez, Drury, Redden in no particular order. Wow thats a lot of former Sabres! I'm not counting Bulin as that bad because its only 1 more year. I also am tempted to include Lecavalier with these other bad contracts because its so long but hes also an incredible player.
3. Lets say hypothetically Hossa signs back on with Detroit next year for his same cap number 7.45 and they resign Zetterberg to a 7MM per year deal, its funny to think about how much better their quartet is than the Rangers. Don't say Detroit wouldnt be able to pay all 4 of those guys because it would only be like 1.5 million more than the Rangers top 4.
Great post.

But things aren't as bad as they seem. Because quite frankly, there are atleast 20 teams in this league who can only "dream" about beeing able to sign one of thoose 6.5m players. Like even if its "half-bad" contracts, there isn't enough players around to even give "half-bad" contracts too. We have seen it for 3 straight summer now; teams like Phoenix, the Islanders and co won't get anyone, and even great teams like Montreal will have a really hard time.

So while things are delicate here in NY -- if the cap keeps gooing up as it have, as always, horrible looking contracts become solid contracts in only a couple of years. Detroit have constantly been able to give guys like Robert Lang, Mathiue Schneider and Rafalski among others very expensive deals but still managed to get by.

And several several teams wouldn't be able to reach the upper levels of the cap even if they wanted to, or have self imposed caps long under the maximum like Buffalo.

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