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08-27-2008, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
What's your height and weight? Are you particularly strong or weak? Are you using wood sticks right now? Do you have to cut them down at all? Are the blades standard or tapered hosels?
Well, I'm 6' 190lbs. For my size I more though I'm more about lower body strength, I have a fairly quick release but not much strength in my arms. Currently I switch between a wood and cheap composite KOHO stick, as for size I like it an inch above the standard 'chin height' length, so as shafts are generally quite short I'll be putting in a good extension. The blades are standard fibre hosels, KOHO like my sticks. Except I have 6 of these, I really like their Jagr curves . While I'm a beginner I've tried out a good number of curves but thats the only one that's ever felt 'just right'.

And I was also wondering, is flex strength measured in KPS? Because my current composite is rated as 45KPS, I didn't think they went that low. My wristers good with it but my slap or snap shots with it are pathetic.

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