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Originally Posted by Darth Milbury View Post
IB, what is the penality if a team does not meet the floor?
Oh no - duck and cover.

Originally Posted by massivegoonery View Post
I don't see a difference. Why would cap relief matter if you're not exceeding the cap?
If a team is below the cap early in the season, the LTIR player (and replacements) still irreversibly consume cap space that could be used later in the season - ie pick up a high salary players at the deadline. If the LTIR player truly did not count against the cap, the team could bank a significant cap surplus that would allow them to ice a team whose salaries exceeded the cap later in the season.

Originally Posted by Habitants View Post
and malakov

Vlad was never declared medically unfit. He just unofficially retired to Florida and refused to report. Lou suspended him, but his salary still counted against the cap due to the 35+ yo rule. Genius Lou had to throw away a 1st rounder in order for the Sharks to take Vlad's cap hit off his hands.

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