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08-27-2008, 12:22 PM
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Some questions and discussion points.

1. It seems that each side is taking the extreme view. Would a compromise be to acknowledge the defection and allow a short window for signing at the expiration of the current contract of the "defected" draftee? If not signed during the window, the "defected" draftee either reenters the draft or becomes UFA depending upon age with the same age provisions that currently apply to that status.

2. In the absence of an agreement, wouldn't it be in everyone's interest to establish a central clearing house for contracts, both NHL and Euro?

3. I may be wrong about this assumption, but from reading it seems that the KHL is establishing a system where they claim rights and enforceable contract status to a player under their system whether the contract is in force or expired where the NHL doesn't claim those extended rights. Will this issue be addressed or will the NHL have to set up a system for buying out those rights?

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