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Originally Posted by Rags225 View Post
and if he was on the Rangers he wouldn't have been playing that game maybe he wouldn't have gotten injured. what happens if Gomez gets a severe injury this year. you going to change your opinion? There is no guarantee Nylander would or wouldn't have gotten injured if he was still a ranger.
His shoulder was a cause for concern going into the off season. He was going to have to have the surgery eventually.

They did the same w/ Marian Hossa there, and he still performed well. Sudnin was up for trade rumers and played well. many players have played well when facing obstacles, some rise to the occasion others don't. And about losing his partner, well now he has a new partner, so are you going to make excuses for that. Or how about high expectations because of his salary. is that another excuse in the making? How about if fans boo him for poor play, should we make that excuse ready as well. Fact is we have no clue how he will handle NY pressure, and he just had two bad seasons. it doesn't exactly endorse $6.5 million. Also don't you think there was a reason Ottawa fans didn't like him. or how about this, maybe he wasn't the great player but Chara was. Maybe Chara covered up all his mistakes and gave him more leeway and freedom.
Hossa was traded for Dany Heatly, do you really want to compare the two situations?

Sundin was going to be a rental and given the crap he's putting teams through now, getting a deadline return for him would have been a great move.

Redden's next partner was either Mezaros, Volchenkov or Philips. Don't even bother trying to compare any of them to Chara. Redden, even on a bad year, was the best d-man on that team. How many Sens games do you watch? If he had such a bad season, please, point out a few examples of bad plays. You're tossing the guy aside as a failure before he's set foot on the ice at the Garden. Typical.

Sorry, but in a Salary cap world, players DESERVE to be compared by salary. you make it, you earn it. He has not earned that salary and so it is a detriment for the team, as that $7mil could have been spent better otherwise.
In a salary cap world, people need to realize that players salaries CANNOT be compared if one was acquired via free agency, and the other was re-signed long-term before testing the open market.

ok, how do you know he has 85 pt upside? he has only hit over 71 pts 1 time in his ENTIRE Career and NEVER 85pts. And that was playing w/ Elias who is better than any winger we have right now. In fact Elias was one of the best wingers in the NHL for a couple years. he is a 70-75 pt player for the sole fact that he doesn't score much at all. He will get his 50 assts a year but because he is only a 15 goal scorer he won't hit 85 pts.
Okay, so he has 84 point upside.

He scored 84 points in the 38 games Elias played that season?

54 assists is pretty impressive on a team that had problems scoring goals. He needs scoring wingers that can keep up with him. Not aging players like Shanny or dipsy-doodle skate-in-circle wingers like Jagr.

Drury has scored 30+ goals 2x. They were w/ Buffalo who plays a wide open game, as in the exact opposite as the Rangers defensive schemes. Besides those two years he has hit 25 only ONCE and that was last year. he is not exactly a shoe in for 30+ goals.
And he scored 25 goals this year on the 3rd line of a defensively minded team while the lines were built to cater to Jagr. If he's actually on a line with players that fit his style, you don't think he can easily score 30 goals again?

But hey you wanna argue potential fine... but you can't change STATS b/c those are the facts, and that is what these players are.
Stats also say Marek Malik was one of the best defensive defensemen in the league thanks to his +/- rating.

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