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08-27-2008, 05:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Rags225 View Post
you don't think Drury looked worn down during a portion of last year. b/c he definately did. this could be attributed to too much ice time. more specifically PK time.

It wasn't just one bad series vs the Devils. it was most key faceoffs. It seemed that he didn't really win important faceoffs that much last year.

and a bunch of GM's went after Valeri Kamensky that one year as well. I guess GM's never make a mistake. A bunch of GM's just went after Campbell this year, and same w/ Malone. Now analysts and people are saying it was horrible dealsl Fact is GM's make mistakes, especially when bidding against other teams. Also some teams just bid w/ no intentions of signing, they just bid to make other teams pay more, and agents know this full well.

No i don't think Drury looked tired at all......i also don't think it's realisitic to propose drury get little pk time....last year during the whole peca debate people said drury shouldn't kill penalties because "hey SoS who would you rather break there hand drury or peca?" this is the same sort of misguided logic..

GM's make mistakes but i'd still take a paid professional over yours...Doctors make mistakes too but i'd still take there opinion on a broken arm over a pharmacist...

teams bid with no intention of signing players? name one example.....that happens in baseball but not hockey....agents might lie and say a team has interest but can you find an example of a team bidding for a player and recinding the bid when the player said yes? come on, if you are going to say it you might as well back it up with something..

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