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Originally Posted by massivegoonery View Post
IB: Do you know what the deal is with this situation? As far as I see it, if Drew Doughty has a $500k bonus for being a Calder nominee (for instance), it doesn't come off the team's cap hit until it's impossible to attain, after awards voting, at which time the Kings would be unable to add salary to come into compliance.

Is there a penalty if this happens? Does the league force the Kings to take this into account before they can play?
Yes - teams must remain in complience until the end of the League Year (June 30).

If a bonus becomes unearned after the completion of the season or post season, the teams Average Club Salary is reduced by the amount of the unearned bonuses. If that puts the Average Club Salary below the Lower Limit, the team will be out of compliance and subject to the sanctions in Article 26.

The league cannot force the Kings to take that into account now - the bonuses are not yet impossible to achieve - but in the unlikely case of those bonuses being the only thing keeping the Kings above the cap at the end of the season, they run a significant risk of being subject to significant penalties (Fines of $1M-$5M, forfeture of draft picks, suspension of club employees, etc).

And, BTW, being a Calder finalist is NOT among the allowed individually negotiated "B" bonuses under Exhibit 5 of the CBA. The only trophy/award Performance Bonuses permitted are: top 5 for Hart, Norris, Vezina, Selke, and Richard, winning the Jennings, being named 1st or 2nd team All-Star, or winning the Conn Smyth.

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