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08-28-2008, 08:11 AM
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I just saw the re-run of last night's show this morning. Rinfret was the same old ''Hey! Listen to me, I yell when I speak and I'm trying to make a point about nothing! **puts on his crazy eyes**'' I can't believe I actually listen to him do the play by play on CKAC for a while. I guess there's been worst in the past...

Jean Perron still makes me laugh so hard. He went on to say that the Habs are like a bench of Saint Bernards and then 2 minutes later he went on by saying that the Habs were a bunch of chihuahuas... How the hell did he ever get to coach the Habs??? I mean, even a drunk in a slum bar would get better arguments than him! I'd like to see an ad like the Crosby Gaterade one where you see what's actually going on in his brain. I picture a mini-clone of Perron drawing random keywords in a brown bag and trying to make that word fit in the next sentence he says. What a clown!

Gagnon and Pedneault where the best of the bunch.(Not a big accomplishment but still..)

Pagé is just plain out terrible. He just doesn't seem to know how to lead a debate . He just sits back, and once upon a time he yells ''But what about **random issue**?? huh?'' He's so passé due.

I can't stand Villeneuve (especially when he ask a question and then squints like he's looking at the sun...) but at least La Zone is a show that has much more credibility just because of Dany Dubé. He's a real analyst and he actually uses his notes and thinks before he talks. I wouldn't be surprised to see him replace Brunet on RDS at one point if he doesn't cut it after his trial period.(I don't know his contract status with CKAC and SRC...) Who's gonna start the anti Pierre and Benoit fan club??

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