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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Yeah, acting like an idiot and getting your friend killed is much much harder than your own mother dying. Then to be traded away from the region where the accident occurred and spared the constant attention of the Atlanta media? Much more difficult, yes.
yes that is alot harder than having a parent die. Everybody's parents will die eventually it is a part of life. Accidentally murdering your best friend is a burden that you will feel EVERY SINGLE DAY for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. Trust me I have a couple friends who killed somebody in a car accidents, and not a day goes by when they aren't tortured by it.

Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
I never said Redden was better than Chara. Way to take something and distort it. I'd also argue that Boston's defensive system is better than that of Ottawa's.
Sorry, I read it fast and misunderstood. and I do agree that Boston has a better system.

Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Obviously you don't realize that, or you wouldn't keep trying to use it to validate your position. By your logic, Huet should be better than Brodeur because he's being paid more. Do you really think GM's pull these numbers out of thin air and say "**** it, we'll worry about the cap later?"
Not exactly but Huet should be putting up great #'s like a star goalie. that is what Chicago is banking on w/ that contract, if he doesn't put up top 10 #'s than yes I would say that contract is a bust, and Chicago will regret it.

Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
And yet he put up 71 points playing with line-mates that didn't suit his style of play. It's simple really; If your offense is putting up numbers, players stats will be low. If nobody is scoring goals, guys like Gomez who rely on assists wont put up big numbers.
What about all the other years when he played w/ Gio and Elias. Stop using last year and use his entire career as it is a better sample of what he really is. That is about a 70 pt player. For the sole fact that he doesn't score much. he will get his 50-55 assists but since he doesn't score more that 15 goals much he will NEVER be a consistent 80 pt player.

Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
There is a reason the Debbies don't have 90 point players falling from the windows of the Prudential center. They play a defensive system, as did we last year because we were forced to.
Take a look. at the devils by year, for NHL ranking in GF, amout of GF, than gomez' pts.

99-00 #2 251 70
00-01 #1 295 63
01-02 #14 205 48
02-03 #13 216 55
03-04 #14 213 70
05-06 # 20 242 84
06-07 #23 242 60

so even though the Debbies played a defensive system they were still almost always in the top half of the NHL in goals for except his last two seasons w/ them.

and if you want to throw in the Rangers

07-08 #23 213 70

Right about where he averaged w/ the Devils w/ the correct linemates. Do you really think it will change that much?

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