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06-19-2004, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by rnyquist
But if he's not intense now and plays absolutely no physical play then he likely won't in the NHL, reminds me of Brendl. Also Gagne can mess it up, Wolski can. I'm not bashing your opinion I just think your extremely overvaluing him. He's got potential but lacks a lot. Also remember stats aren't always accurate when the player is the only star on a team. Its kind of like the expansion teams, a few players had a good season on the expansion team because they got the best of the situations but in reality weren't that good, Heinze, Audette, and even Whitney ring a bell?? All i'm saying is that Wolski just lacks important values and he's not even 20.

Btw Schremp often found himself on the 3rd line so i wouldn't exactly say he got the best of a situation
I of course could be wrong on him, but my feeling is that he will be a good one and I think he is somewhat safe as well. Glen Murray is not a physical player and doesn't play with a lot of intensity, but that didn't stop him from scoring 30-40 goals. I think Wolski is coachable enough to become more physical and aggressive. He is already very tough to move from in front of the net. And like I said before if a guy like Hlavac can start playing gritty and physical and throw hits, then so can Wolski.

And as for Schremp being healthy scratch and being on a 3rd line those are the reasons I don't want him, cause there has got to be some issues with this kid, if he is really as skilled and talented as some say, then his coach would want to make him the go to guy. Plus he was in terrible condition and overwheight at the combine--lest time we drafted a lazy overweight and extremely skilled player it was Brendl. I would stay very far away.

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