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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner View Post
1. Drury isnt a better winger then center...if that was the case he'd be a winger

2. straka started his career as a center but WE were not the team that moved him to winger..

3. Cullen is a bad example, YOU aren't even sure if he played winger in carolina...

4. Fritchse can play both but it doesn't mean he should play both...

5. Prucha came into the league as a LW..
Drury played center for us b/c that was a need he filled. If Ani is ready to seriously step up, the most logical choice to move to wing is Drury. If this happens this year would you consider Drury a better winger than? Drury fills the need of center, and did the same w/ Buffalo. In Colorado he was a winger, but than a vacancy opened up for center and they moved him there. Doesn't mean he is better here or there, just means that he filled a need and does it well. YOU of all people should know about filling a need.

2. So than you do agree that Straka can play center and wing. So why didn't you earlier?

3. How is he a bad example? he did. renney just completely screwed the pooch in using him. especially on the PP.

4. Again this whole convo was about people WHO could. and Fritsche can handle it and do it effectively and not be a detriment to a team.

5. Still doesn't change the fact taht his natural position was center. HE FILLED A NEED ON WING, and played well there so we kept him there. doesn't mean he forgot how to play center.

again, all these players CAN play both wing and center. that was the ENTIRE point. why are you being so thickheaded? out of this entire groupe maybe only Prucha at center could/would be a detriment to the team. the others can play either or.

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