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08-28-2008, 02:41 PM
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I am new here, well member wise...I usually come on here checking up on what you guys have to say and well it's will be nice to talk to other Rangers fans besides my family, because well all of my friends and fans of Gordon's Fishsticks and my other friends that call themselves Ranger fans have not a clue about hockey. So I don't know if I am supposed to post a introduction or anything and sorry if I am not supposed to but I thought I would. My name is Justin, I am fifteen years old and I am turning sixteen on September 2nd. I have been a die hard Ranger fan ever since my Uncle Jay brought me to a Pre-Season game against The Devils and during intermission I was asked to ride on the zamboni and of course I accepted, my uncle has passed away since then about two years ago coming up on the 7th and it sucks, he was my luck charm for everything, Derek Jeter handed me his bat during a subway series game and I just did everything with my uncle. But besides that, I am a Junior in my High School and I live on Long Island. I have season tickets up in the blue's and yeah, once again if I wasn't supposed to post this then you can just delete it. Well it's nice to be here! and

-- Justin

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