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Originally Posted by AC Le Rock View Post
why hasn't anyone thrown an offer sheet at any RFA's year? Was it just Lowe with Vanek/Penner last summer? I thought that offer sheets would've been much more common once Lowe pulled that. Some one fill me in if I'm missing some key info.
The majority of the really good RFA's were locked up early or the teams were ina position to match any reasonable offer. The Vanek offer sheet ws believed to be high enough in value Buffalo wouldnt match, but they did. The Penner offer sheet was levied against a team that had it's back to the wall in terms of their cap for that year. If you can't outbid or force a GM's hand than an offer sheet simply won't work.

Also offer sheets while part of the firepower all clubs posses aren't used as often as people expect. There's been a history of I believe 30 something RFA offer sheets in the history of the NHL. They really only make sense for teams that are in tough spots and don't have many other avenues open to improve in the offseason. Also teams that would greatly benefit from having a specific type of player that is available via RFA offer sheets and don't anticipate the compensation picks to be high in draft position could be tempted. For example I wouldn't expect to see teams in the bottom 5-10 offering RFA's anything as they are typically in a rebuild stage and the picks are worth more to them than the player.

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