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08-28-2008, 10:56 PM
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Originally Posted by NYIschremp44 View Post
Okay so here's the answer:
There are 5 teams in the last 20 years that had ZERO players that once played alongside Mike Sillinger:
2008 Stars
2008 Canadiens
2006 Sabres
2001 Sharks
1990 North Stars

So to find a player that has never played with someone who has had Sillinger as a teammate, you just got to find someone who only played for one of those teams for example Sergei Kostitsyn but that will probably change as he plays with someone on the 2009 roster (for example Peter Lappin would have worked but he decided to come back a few years later and play 1 game with the 92 Sharks, thus playing with Pat Falloon who played with Sillinger on the 99 Flyers). But I'm pretty sure Mario Thyer would classify as a player who has never played with a player who played with Sillinger (unless you count IHL because then he played with Marc Bureau on the Kalamazoo Wings who played with Sillinger on the Flyers as well). Here you can check it out yourself, this is the file that I made to illiminate teams:

Let's just say that if playing with Mike Sillinger could give you a contageous STD, the entire league would be infected.
Mark Streit will eliminate the 2007-88 Canadiens once the season starts, however the 2008-09 Canadiens and Kings are in trouble right now, while the 2008-09 Stars depends on if Landon Wilson plays a with the farm team or makes the big league.

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