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08-29-2008, 08:32 AM
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Not to go off topic, but it sure is nice to be a fan of the Rangers because so many people want to sign here. I'd hate to be a Vancouver or Edmonton fan. They throw cash around but can't get as many takers. That being said, I'd think that Sather could try to be a little more stingy with some offers and bid at least a little below market rate because people may take a discount to play here. Like offer Redden 6 or 6.25 instead of 6.5. But who knows, maybe he tried that or maybe he feels that in the long run being a team that pays well is one of the reasons people want to play here.

Anyway, to answer the question: the combination of Messier, Beukeboom & Graves. Three keys for the Rangers for years, and they got Messier and Beukeboom for practically nothing after signing Graves. Not sure how Smith managed to pull that off, shouldn't most of the league have been interested in all three? I guess the Rangers had the deepest pockets to throw in cash?

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