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08-29-2008, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by LePoche69 View Post know...It's been 4 years and more than 1,000 posts for me... and still not in any cliques... Not in the one you described, not in the poutine's lovers one, not even in the Pretzel one, not in the sheep one... I'm...alone...

At first, I thought it was because subtlety, for me, was lost in translation... Than I realized the truth was much more simple : I'm not funny, I'm a loser.

Would you want to be in the Alone-The-Losers clique with me?

If you say no, it would either prove my point or prove that I have problems with social interactions, like in "how-to-make-friends". -- Either way, it would means I'm a loser, therefore proving empiricaly that I'm one) -- Life is hard.

And by the way, AD banana, if read what I write : Happy birthday.
There is no "pretzel clique", it's just me. I'm an army of one, a Solzhenitsynesque character who was seized by rabid PHC scum and forced into the abyss. You can read more about my plight in "One Day in the Life of habfan4ovich", "Pretzel Ward" and "The Poutine Archipelago"

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