Thread: Proposal: Leafs-Flyers
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08-29-2008, 05:27 PM
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Originally Posted by ShadowFlyer View Post
Yea, I can be diplomatic. You have to give me some leeway. I am from Philly, afterall, so I wasn't exactly born with a ton of tact. I can be a sarcastic little turd, but I'm more than willing to have a reasonable discussion, and it's obvious that you are as well.

We won't come to a consensus on this issue, so maybe just a hug and call it a day?

As long as we agree to just respect each others' opinions, then I'm done debating it. I'm not gonna convince you that I'm right, and you aren't gonna convince me. Buy ya beer?
Sorry, HF boards has been down for me lately, but I did want to respond to this.

No matter where you're from, tact can be a difficult thing to find. Those that have it are politicians and lawyers, and I don't like either.

You're a turd, I'm a turd. We're all turds. And proud of it!

I respect your opinion, and you have done very well to prove why you believe it. Just as you said, no need to go on debating. How about some bargaining - if you bring the beer, I got the pizza. Let's party!

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