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08-29-2008, 06:54 PM
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Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post
Brisebois has come out already this summer saying he wanted to play 53 (or how many games he needs for 1,000) before he retires. He then said he didn't mind doing that over two seasons.. so I'd assume he doesn't mind being the #7.

[I also don't remember him going to the media 3 or 4 times about not playing enough. I think there was a report once, mid-season, when Dandenault went to Carbo/media. I have no reason not to believe you, don't get me wrong, I just don't remember Breezer going to the media that much.

Either way, he's already said in interviews and such that he is comfortable with his role as a #7 defenseman.

we don't need Brisebois for 2 more years, and yes he did say a couple of times last year that it pissed him watching the game from the sidelines.

Belle, like I said, has an absolutely minimal shot at making the club. The fact that he couldn't stick with two teams who aren't as well off as us, speaks volumes. His hockey sense is non-existent. I actually think the trade may of been a bit of a "Thank You" to Corey Locke, while fixing our pathetic depth on defense in Hamilton.

Anderson was a depth defenseman in the AHL last year.. He may still have some potential, but he's not even close to the NHL level.

Henry is the most likely option after Brisebois.. but he couldn't stick at the NHL level either after playing 3/4 of a season a few years back with Minnesota.

No one can get better by not playing, and that's what the #7 will do. Valentenko isn't NHL ready yet, he was hurt most of last year and needs a bit more time. Weber needs some AHL time. Carle may or may not be close to NHL ready, but he simply needs to be playing at least 60 games per year.. not the 30-35 as #7 does.. It'd hamper his development.
this is all negative assumptions on witch maybe 1 argument, maybe 2, you'l be completely off, you can't build a team for the future with that kind of thinking, like i said, we already have our top 6, i would rather bring in players who have POTENTIAL to be much better then what Brisebois can give next year

When the rest of the defense wasn't proving any offense whatsoever, it was hard to sit Breezer. He was very good during the Boston series and mediocre during the Philadelphia series, much like everyone
yes and it was appreciated, but now, it's time to move on, we have better assets, i won't let 2 or 3 rookie mistakes hamper with there devolopment, just like i've said before, WE HAVE OUR TOP 6, all of them are willing and able, we have depth and potential in Hamilton to fill a couple of games. we don't need Brisebois

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