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Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
woah there, 1st of all Saku Koivu is not Mats Sundin, not to mention Sundin being a temporary fix, he woudn't be the captain or the hearth of the franchise here, as i said, there are other good players we can sign (or trade for, for that matter). I think that after next year the team will be built around the Kostitsyn's, Higgins and Tanguay, not Koivu or Kovalev, that's why i think it's very possible ( i don't say i would be happy about it) that the Habs would invest there cash somewhere else. I think that in 09-10, Kostitsyn will have the #1 right winger. And yes, i do have high hopes for Ben Maxwell, he skates like the wind and in every stint he has had in the WHL the last 2 years he has dominated threw and threw, imo he could become a Brad Richards clone ( probably without the 90+ point seasons)
I wouldn't call Sundin a temporay fix but a final piece. No one is saying Sundin would replace Koivu. I was trying to use a reference that Koivu will only be 34 year next year so why would we let him walk?

you mention other good players we could sign or trade for. Why do we have to trade(or sign) a player for what we already have? If we trade we lose assets and if we sign, we sign at inflated prices. Why not just keep the heart and soul player we already have?

Why isn't there room to keep Koivu and Kovi after next year. I would rather let Bouilon, Dandy, Tom K walk then let our Captain and leading scorer leave!

I wouldn't say Maxwell Dominated the Whl! And how is he a clone of Brad Richards if you don't expect him to produce the same! Why not use a player his play and production resembles?

You talk about building the team around Higgins, Kost(brothers), Tanguay! Why can't Koivu and Kovi be included! I believe the real question is salary cap. Depending on what Koivu and Kovi demand for salary and term.

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