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Originally Posted by Shabutie View Post
The people saying Roy shouldn't go up in the rafters are probably the same fools who think Koivu deserves to go up...cuz he's been so good to the organization. Roy could be the biggest dickwad ever and he'd still deserve to be up there. He was a true competitor and easily top 5 every year he played. One of the few (and the last) franchise players we've ever had.
I'm saying Roy shouldn't go up to the rafters and I am neither a fool nor do I think Koivu should ever be there. The rafters are getting crowded and it takes more than what Roy has given to get the honor of being up ther.

That said, Koivu IS a true competitor so by your own criteria he should be considered being raised in the future. Roy Top 5? Maybe top on our team but top 5 in the league every year...I don't think so.

If Roy gets raised up there, he will by FAR be the least of the greats already up there. Most had to wait an approproate amount of time before being given the honor but if you want to rush and stumble all over yourself to give the least of the deserving the honor as fast as possible I guess you are entitled to that opinion.

Serge Savard said it best when he said that this is the truest honor available on par with entering the hall of fame or even exceeding it. He saw it as the greatest honor in hockey and did not expect to be so rewarded but hoped he would earn it one day. Roy sees it as his due. There is a fundamental difference in philsophy in those views that seperate a real Hab and an arrogant disrespectful undeserving dickwad.

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