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Originally Posted by samuehl habs View Post
You speak a common language that is false. I do not say this to insult you, but it's true. You say sea can't have comparable security measures to those in a factory. But before someone asked himself questions and ways to improve things in the factories, men who worked in that factory said "It's part of the job. We all know there is a risk. There's nothing that can be done about it". Well whenever you take some time to think about what can be done, you find solutions. They might not be 100%, but they can help a lot. I know that you know much more in sailing than I do, but I guess I know more in safety, which, IMO, is the point at hand here.

Wherever you are, if there is an accident happening, appropriate safety measures would have had a good chance of preventing it.

As in sailing, the only point I agree with you is a shipwreck. If the ship is broken, I don't think more can be done. It is the end. But with Laura Gainey, it wasn't the case. Some measures could have been in place. And today, Laura Gainey would still be alive.
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