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08-31-2008, 01:40 AM
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Most driving places sell you the CD questionnaire, others give it to you with the book/package etc.. all you gotta do is ask for it. Oh and most driving schools also have the computers to practice on too, I am assuming you didnt call a driving school here yet, and are only doing the theory exam for now?

Its pretty easy to do the test, you just have to remember a lot of things by heart, like if im stopped by an officer and im drunk, what will happen (of course the correct answer here is to speed up to 140mph and race them), will my car get towed, how much is the fine, etc.. the number of days they suspend your licence for this, that, bla bla.. a lot of numbers. When you give Priority is very important too.

Im actually proud to say I passed BOTH in one try

When u do ur actual practice exam make sure u look good to ur sides. Turn ur head almost 90 degrees they wanna see that.

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