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06-20-2004, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by NYIsles1
Good faith is not Goodnow talking about keeping the status quo for the last seventy five years when other sports do work with a salary cap and are popular. The current system does not work for this sport and has not for a long time.
Nor can good-faith be described as refusing any dialogue unless the other side includes the words hard-cap, as is Bettman's stance. What does not work is the fact that the NHL has expanded into markets that they have no buisiness in being, and that in turn is what is hemoraging money from the league. That, and let us not forget that there IS an economic difference between the Canadian $ & the US $.

"Columbus has better support than the Rangers have at Msg most weeknights, some of these small market are not the problem. "

On it's good nights, Columbus can never be described as MSG. Look aroung in Carolina. That run to the Cup sure helped them. In Nashville, if they tank, how soon will it be before that arena is empty again? Atlanta has some of the best young players in the game, and a friend of mine who goes to a good amount of these games tells me that the arena is mostly empty.

"This game needs a hard cap so some name free agents have to play in smaller markets.

It's time for a hard cap to police owners who cannot control themselves everytime a free agent becomes available. "

The game needs a hard cap? Why? So that the league can be saved from the Rangers? Please. The Rangers are the case and point of proving that signing every big name player does not work. How have the Rangers hurt competitive balance? They have not been in the playoffs in how many years now? What the game needs is for these bozos to realize that hockey is in danger of falling behind synchronized swimming as far as popularity is concerned. What this league needs is owners that are far better money managers than some of the ones that are out there and markets that can actually support them.

"I hope they get some replacement players, start the season and just break this union like football did."

That won't happen right away. If it takes 2 years, the NHL is finished. Heck, even if it takes a whole year off, the damage may be irreversible.

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