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09-02-2008, 05:10 PM
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Mostly a nothing trade. Ottawa takes a flyer on Shannon and the Canucks look to get some back line depth.

Shannon is a long shot to make anyones top 6 and he must make it as top 6 player (the way team configure their lineups presently) and it's very doubtful Shannon can produce enough offense to do this. Has some cute moves but gets taken out of the play too easily. Don't think most Canucks fans will forget Shannon ducking away from the preventing the icing call last year and this maybe this sums up why Shannon will never make it on a steady basis at the NHL level.

Nycholat has been given every chance to make the NHL but has not shown enough to stay out of the minors. Nothing dynamic about his game. Really at about the same level as Baumgartner. Both get forced out of their comfort zone when they move to the NHL level.

Trade may be a result of the discussions the Canucks and the Sens seemingly had about Bieksa and Vermette and all. Those discussions may have involved balancing the a major trade by including people like Shannon and Nycholat. In the end settled on a minor swap of such players.

Also might speculate that the Canucks had tried to include Shannon in packages to obtain some of the free agents still left and found little interest in Shannon. For example, team like Anaheim might want a defenseman or defensemen coming back their way for someone like Schneider. Maybe a package including Nycholat or Krjicek might be more appealing.

Trade would appear a saw-off at this point IMO

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