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09-02-2008, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
Okay, c'mon. People are making this out to be way more official than I intended. (And are then using the idea of a more official agreement as the justification to say there's no way it happened, which is annoying.)

Are we talking about an ACTUAL transfer here? No. But then Jagr's move to Russia wasn't a transfer either - he was a FA who signed over there. I'm just saying that Glen could've said to Bardin that he wouldn't put up much of a fight to sign Jagr if Bardin agreed to not put up too much of a fight for Cherry next year.

Did Jagr have other offers? It appears so. But it was clear from everything I read that his first two choices were to play for the Rangers or Omsk (and perhaps not necessarily in that order). The Rangers made this decision much easier for him (and again, it's not out of the realm of possibility that Jagr was complicit in the process) by basically dropping out of the race with the contract they offered him.

Again, are the Rangers asking Omsk for a straight-up transfer of Cherry? No. But when it comes time to sign him next year, who will be their only competition? Omsk.

It is not out of the realm of possibility that the Rangers said "we won't mess with the guy you want this year if you don't mess with the guy we want next year." This doesn't mean that they hadn't already made the decision to move on from Jags. It doesn't mean that Jags wasn't involved in the process. It doesn't even mean that when it was arranged (if it was), it was a sure thing that Jagr would wind up in Omsk.

All it means is that Glen may have said "I won't interfere with your efforts to sign player A this year, if you don't interfere with my efforts to sign player B next year." I am not saying they have an official agreement - I'm not saying that there's a contract or even a memo sitting on anyone's desk. I'm just saying that they could have struck a gentlemen's agreement. This sort of thing does happen all the time (especially in international business) and the circumstances make me suspicious. That's it. Why is that so hard to credit?

Regardless, it can only be a good thing that the teams are working together like this.

I feel the same way you do... I think people on here are forgetting audio clips we heard from Sather a few days after Jagr signed with Omsk... He said contracts talks never even progressed to the point where they were talking dollar amounts... They never really heard a definitive answer from Jagr's camp as to whether or not he was even seriously interested in renegotiating a contract... People keep thinking Sather did everything he could to sign Jagr but really the ball was in Jagr and his Agent's court the whole time...

Jagr met with Bardin before the off-season... You have to believe they had a substantial discussion and didn't just exchange glances over a cup of tea... My thinking is that Jagr, Sather, and Bardin all had a pretty good idea of how it was going to pan out in the off-season.... Glen could have mimicked Bardin's moves and thrown a ridiculous amount of money at Jagr to try and retain him.... Instead it seems they simply asked Jagr's camp for an answer about re-signing and never got one... But I believe Sather when he said they never talked contract amounts with his Agent...

I believe Sather is a smart business man and realizes the potential asset he has in Cherepanov, and future Russian prospects we draft who may play for Omsk.... He realizes it only maximizes his chances of securing said player if he develops a business relationship with clubs like Osmk... Will that ultimately work to our advantage, who knows? Can it hurt?

If Sather was really under the impression that Omsk would do everything they can to re-sign Cherepanov regardless, there's no way you would see this level of intermingling between the 2 clubs....

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