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Originally Posted by RushDP View Post
You are probably right that it is a marketing decision but it's a poor one and a controversial one to boot. There are plenty of people that don't necessarily agree that he should have his jersey up there. Do they have a vote? Of course not, it's not a democracy. It's managments call but if you strictly look at his time with the Habs then the case can be made against his jersey retirement.

If by "certain people" you meant me you need to re-read my post. I never come off as "poor me" and I don't care if "the masses" are attacking me and I have to defend my opinion. I am saying that this debate is polarized and you are either a hater or lover of Roy to those with little minds like yours. You can not possibly say "Roy was a great goalie but needs to wait to have his jersey retired" without being labelled a hater. That was my only point. I'm not whining about it or acting the victim. If you want to debate it just quote me and I'll defend my point of view. We come here with our opinion and debate and we will never change anybody's opinion no matter what we do. I'll never convince you Roy should not have the jersey retired and you can't convince me of the opposite.
Amen to that my friend. Well said. It seems like some don't read the entire posts, or simply chose to ignore what's written. I don't recall seeing any "poor me" comments either and I've always prided myself of being able to make my own conclusions based on my knowledge and experience as opposed to "going with the masses". It's not always popular, but it certainly is well thought out.

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